Setting Back the Clock on Old Faithful “Visitors to our park expect Old Faithful to erupt on time” says Yellowstone National Park Chief Ranger Doug Drinton.  The park hired Lile Engineering to calculate the exact amount of water it would take to cool down Old Faithful for an hour, resetting it to go off one hour later for Daylight Savings Time.


The complex steam channels and caves below the famous geyser were difficult to model mathematically, but “Lile Engineering nailed it right on the money” says Chief Ranger Doug.  “We had the local fire department put 325,000 gallons of water into the geyser, and it reset the time exactly one hour. The geyser erupts exactly at noon again. Tourists can set their watches by it!”  says the pleased Chief Ranger. Just in time for the Park’s annual Spring opening on April 1st, the Park Rangers were pleased with the results. “It’s never been more faithful!” exclaimed Ranger Doug. “Yep,” added the Ranger, “Right on time for April First!”