Pit Trap

An ancient Pit Trap used in Europe to capture wild animals



This image shows an ancient Pit Trap used by German hunters when hunting wolves.  Light branches and tarps would have been laid over the top, then the wolves would be chased and herded by hounds until they fell into the pit.

Hunting has been done this way for millennia.  In the 21st century we have a new Pit Trap called ASHRAE 62

We would love to help you get across the ASHRAE 62 pit trap on your project!

ASHRAE 62 is a ventilation code, and is a prerequisite (requirement) on LEED projects.  Unfortunately, many mechanical engineers miss the details of this code, which is required in most jurisdictions.  No prerequisite means no LEED certification!


One of the most important and often missed details is Zone Air Distribution Effectiveness.  Outlined in Table 6-2 of ASHRAE 62.1-2007 (still used in LEED 2009 projects), this number is a multiplier for the outside air required per person.  In some cases, effectiveness is as low as 50%, meaning one has to double the amount of outside air required to meet this code.  Often Mechanical Engineers miss this subtle point, then find their LEED application rejected as it is 50% undersized.  If the project is already constructed, that becomes an expensive change order.

Lile Engineering can help you avoid this pitfall by checking early in the design for LEED Prerequisite compliance.


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