Lawrence Lile taught a class of Engineers, Architects and Building Inspectors the ins and outs of the 2015 International Energy Code, in Kansas City December 2. Developed with Halfmoon Education Seminars, the class provided Continuing Education credits for building design professionals. The all-day class went into details of how to comply with the new Code, but we took a break in the afternoon.
Class participants broke into teams, building whimsical scale foamcore models of imaginary buildings. Then team members collaboratively used COMCHECK, software written by the US Department of Energy, to run an energy code review on these buildings. Much silliness ensued, along with some serious learning.
Each team built a unique model, having fun adding embellishments like foam-core garden tables or using a pencil for a fireman’s pole in a miniature fire station. Meanwhile, they were entering building data such as area and insulation value into COMCHECK, reviewing the buildings energy code compliance. teacher2
big-hotel Participants enjoyed themselves, imagining creative and silly details for their models while engaging with serious code review and learning the ropes of a program that can be very useful in determining code compliance for commercial buildings.  For having fun, they earned 6.5 AIA Continuing Education Credits.