Lile Energy Audit

Lawrence Lile inspects an air handler for energy-robbing problems

Recently Lile Engineering worked on an energy audit for New Life Community Church in Columbia, Mo.  Here Lawrence Lile examines the  inside of an air handler for problems. This unit proved to be double the capacity needed, resulting in excessive energy demand.

Would you need a 427 cubic inch engine in a Prius?  Nope!  An oversized engine may make a car go fast, but oversized HVAC doesn’t do a thing for a building except waste energy and money!

Energy auditing can identify cost-saving measures that can help a a building owner save operating cost.  In this building, we  recommended that right-sized mechanical equipment be installed, more closely matching the usage for the building.  Oversized HVAC, like an oversized engine in a car, wastes fuel.

We also identified leaking attic ductwork, which lets expensive, conditioned air leak into the attic instead of doing some good in the building.

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