Here is a breakdown of energy audit options for Columbia Water & Light customers.

Why Have a Home Energy Audit Done?

A home energy audit is the first step in assessing energy consumption of your home and in figuring out the best steps to take to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Addressing home energy efficiency issues will reduce utility bills and the cost of ownership of your home for years to come.

How Does My Home Get a Home Energy Audit?

 Individual homes may present unique energy consumption and waste problems that are best addressed by a qualified Home Energy Auditor. However, many home energy issues can be uncovered and better understood when a homeowner explores their home energy dynamics using free tools and services made available by Columbia Water & Light.

 Do An Online, On-Your-Own-Time, DIY Audit

Start with Energy Depot®, a set of online modules that will help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs. Energy Depot® is accessed via the Water & Light website here:

  • Module #1: Energy Snapshot – Enter data from your home into the appropriate fields, including appliance types, hoe energy systems, and energy costs. The module will process your data and give you a snapshot of your energy usage and opportunities for saving energy.
  • Module #2: Appliance Calculator – Enter your appliance data and quickly determine estimated annual energy use and operating costs for most household appliances and heating/cooling systems.
  • Module #3: Comparison Tool – Here you can “…compare your home’s current heating, air conditioning, water heating and/or lighting systems with new electric and natural gas options. Or compare two new systems against each other. You’ll receive annual energy use and cost, annual and monthly savings estimates…”
  • Module #4: Energy Library – “…contains concise information to address your energy questions and help explain your personal energy saving recommendations. The energy fact sheets are categorized by system or appliance for your convenience.”

These modules are great tools for collecting energy data for your home and an excellent start to optimizing your home’s energy efficiency.

Get Your Questions Answered By Water & Light Staff In-Home Audit

After completing the online audit, you may have some specific questions about your energy use or efficiency upgrades. You may now be interested in Columbia Water & Light Free Energy Audit Program. This type of energy audit is offered by Water & Light staff and includes:

  • A review of your electric and water consumption history;
  • An interior and exterior onsite evaluation;
  • Review of weatherization materials that will work best for your particular needs;
  • Lifestyle strategies to lower your usage;
  • Equipment energy use assessment and pay back periods for replacements;
  • Landscaping tips for keeping your house cool;
  • Eligibility for other Columbia Water and Light conservation programs; and
  • How to clean and maintain your appliances.

All Water & Light customers qualify for this no-cost energy audit. This free energy audit takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and is a good first step at identifying home efficiency issues. However, this type of audit does not qualify homeowners for Water & Light rebates for window and door replacement, air conditioning/heat pump upgrades, insulation, air leak sealing, and ductwork leak sealing. Call 573-874-7325 or sign up online at

Get A Home Performance With Energy Star Audit from Lile Engineering

Now, you need the details of how much insulation or what kind of equipment upgrades you need. That’s where Lile Engineering comes in! .The Home Performance With Energy Star audit is performed by qualified professionals and includes:

  • A detailed analysis of your energy consumption history and utility bills;
  • An inspection of the condition of your home’s envelope, including windows, doors, insulation and cladding;
  • A blower-door test to quantify how much energy leaks in and out of your home;
  • A thermal camera inspection to pinpoint problem leak areas;
  • Recommendations for energy conservation, equipment replacement, and insulation with investment paybacks calculated;
  • A post-work inspection and blower door test to assess the effectiveness of energy improvements made; and
  • Rebate application assistance.

You Can’t Get Water & Light Rebates Without a Home Performance With Energy Star Audit

Qualified Columbia Water & Light residential customers who have a Home Performance with Energy Star energy audit can be eligible for the following rebates:

  • Replacing windows & doors: Up to $500
  • Adding insulation: Up to $500
  • Reducing air leakage: Up to $420
  • Reducing ductwork leakage: Up to $300
  • Efficient heat pump: $200 (plus air conditioner/heat pump rebate of up to $1,600)

A home energy audit will help you lower your utility bills and make your house more comfortable. So, what are you waiting for?